NMC-TOOL-KIT-1 Professional Tool Kit for Copper Solutions


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Model No: NMC-TOOL-KIT-1

  • Packing Option – 1 in a Plastic Box


Available on backorder

Warranty: 12 Months

Professional Tool Kit for Copper Solutions (NIKOMAX NMC-TOOL-KIT-1) is designed to cater all general needs in copper solutions. It comes in one box which comprises a total of 4 main tools (Crimping Tool, Punch Down Tool, Cable Stripper & Keystone Jack Fixing Aid) and attached with few accessories as displayed following: Crimping Tool (NMC-500R) Crimping tools (Crimper) are designed for crimping Registered Jack (RJ) type connectors on telephone cables and data transmission. NIKOMAX NMC-500R is designed for crimping RJ45 / 8P8C, RJ12 / 6P6C and RJ11 / 6P4C type connectors on telephone and data transmission cables. This tool is a professional, thanks to the «end» crimping feature. Cable Stripper (NMC-350) NIKOMAX NMC-350R is designed for stripping and cutting twisted-pair, coaxial and flat multi-conductor cables. The tool is equipped with 2 slots for guiding the stripping round cables (with an external diameter of up to 9.5 mm), two blades with limiters for stripping flat cables. There is also a blade for cutting cables. A Screwdriver is attached along in the tool kit box in case its needed. Punch Down Tool (NMC-3640R) NIKOMAX NMC-3640R is designed for cable termination in patch panels, connectors and modules. The tool is compatible with the Twist-Lock type bayonet knives. Depending on the installed blade, they can be used for terminating contacts of 66/ 88/110 type or KRONE type equipment. In NMC-TOOL-KIT-1, the punch down tool comes along with the two exchangeable blades: 111 Type (NMC-14TA) & Krone Type (NMC-14TBK). Fixing Aid (NMC-KJ-FIX-OR) NIKOMAX NMC-KJ-FIX-OR is designed for Keystone Jack termination. To work with Keystone Jacks, use a special Fixing Aid which will hold the jack safely during termination process. It is compatible with both 180 and 90 degrees type of Keystone Jacks. RJ45 Boots (NMC-RJBOOT65B-TR-20) Twenty (20) pieces of RJ45 Boots are included in the Tool Kit. RJ45 Boot is a simple and convenient way to protect the place of the cable connector attachment. The design of the caps allows to observe proper cable bend radius, which greatly extends the service life of connectors. NIKOMAX boots have a unique form factor which do not increase the size of connectors. This allows to use them with any patch panel, including models with high port density. Functionally and visually caps in no way inferior to the factory a filling cap. Shells made of high quality plastic in transparent color, perfectly match with cables in different colors and shades. Boots are also equipped with protection of locks, latches increase the durability and usability. RJ45/8P8C Plugs (NMC-RJ88RZ50UE3-20) A bag of twenty (20) pieces RJ45/8P8C Plugs – Cat.6, UTP with inserts. Registered Jack (RJ) Plugs are designed as standardized interface for termination of solid and stranded (patch cord) cables in the production of patch cords, for connecting cameras and some other networking equipment.
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Temperature ranges

Storage -20 to +70 °C. Operating from -10 to +50 °C


1 Year


Individual Box


Crimping Tool & Fixing Aid, Cable Stripper, Punch Down Tool with Blades x 2, Boots x 20, Plugs x 20

Material & Color

ABS-Plastic, Black

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