Planning and designing multi-service and multi-vendor ELV, Network and ICT infrastructure solutions, fine-tuned for best performance and customized to solve complex business problems, is a vital element of any network rollout or technology upgrade. It takes just the right amount and combination of resources and expertise to develop the infrastructure needed to service growing demands and stringent SLAs., ELV and ICT infrastructure design service encircles “Network and Connectivity, Hardware, Software and Services” that play a significant role in optimizing business operations and management of enterprise segments.

We have an experienced, product certified engineering and design team who can build any type of modern technology infrastructure for your business that follows industry best practices, and ELV/ ICT standards. Our engineers have the depth of experience to select and implement the right technologies for your business continuity by maintaining reliability and affordability.

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Our designing scope include:

Architecture Design

We deliver a high-level design that specifies the necessary equipment to meet your requirements.

  • Requirements & Infrastructure Analysis
  • Technologies Recommendations
  • Architecture Planning
  • Topology and Logical Design
  • Traffic and Capacity Demand Planning
  • Modeling & Simulation Studies
  • Channel Plan
  • Circuit Design
  • Network & ELV Management Design
  • Equipment List
  • Network & ELV Drawings
  • Network & ELV Architecture packages

Engineering Design

We deliver complete, detailed engineering design specifications including equipment BoMs, necessary circuit capacity and other design details.

  • Site Survey
  • Bill of Materials
  • Panel, Rack & Stack Design
  • Connectivity Design
  • Network & ELV Management System Information
  • Methods of Procedure (MOPs)
  • Installation, Integration & Test Specifications
  • Site-level Drawings
  • Engineering Design Packages
  • System Configuration Planning

With the Advance Engineering and Design Services, you can achieve important business benefits:

  • Immediate cost-effectiveness
  • Ongoing reliability and efficiency
  • Reduced OPEX and CAPEX
  • Improved time to revenue
  • Reduced deployment risk
  • Best-in-class performance and capacity
  • Best-in-class performance and capacity

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