EXTENDED WARRANTY PLANS is pleased to present the Extended Warranty Program*1 for any type of product purchased via our platform or our registered partners. If you subscribed to our Extended Warranty Program, you can continue using your product without worries even after the standard warranty expires.

With the Extended Warranty program provide by, you can enjoy peace of mind since your product will be protected against any mechanical and technical problems. What’s more, you do not have to worry about price rises in the future. It offers great value and is completely hassle free. It is cost effective to upgrade to extended warranty. It reduces downtime and operating cost of the product.

Please contact our sales team to help you with extended warranty plans.
Call us on : (+94)-777-331-726 or email : [email protected] for more details or pricing.

Extended Warranty Includes:

  • If product damage, defect or fault cover the terms in Extended Warranty Program*1 , brand new replacement device can be collected within 24 hours*3,from our distribution store at Battaramulla.
  • If product not cover terms in Extended Warranty Program*1 , similar or equivalent product will be issue as a backup device for 30 days period.
  • If product not cover terms in Extended Warranty Program*1 , labor free repair services (Genuine part cost involve) or purchase brand new product with 15% discount from initial purchase value.
  • 8×5 Certified engineer support for troubleshooting technical issues – On-site/ Remote.
  • 8×5 Certified engineer support for Configuration, Administration and Maintenance Service – Remote.
NS-EXW1Y - Extended Warranty1 Year
NS-EXW2Y - Extended Warranty2 Years
NS-EXW3Y - Extended Warranty3 Years
NS-EXW4Y - Extended Warranty4 Years
NS-EXW5Y - Extended Warranty5 Years
  • *1 Extended warranty pricing is being determined by the manufacturer’s list price and the product purchase date.
  • *1Extended warranties can be purchased at the time of initial product sale or any time during the standard 1-year warranty period.
  • *1 Extended Warranty not covers damages, defects  and faults due to improper installation or operation,*2 negligence, misuse, power fluctuations, lightning or any natural disaster, sabotage, accidents or willful damages, burn marks, etc, or any act of gods.
  • *2 Refer Product Guide/ Manual for Installation and  Operations Instructions.
  • *3 From the date and time after submit the email confirmation of warranty replacement.