SPA-2XT3/E3 is a Cisco Router Shared Port Adapter. This Cisco Clear Channel T3/E3 SPAs are designed to provide direct connectivity to T3/E3 lines for full-duplex communications at the T3 rate of 44.736 MHz or E3 rate of 34.368 MHz. They are available in 2- and 4-port options. The ports are configurable as either all T3 or all E3.



Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

High performance routers built to serve demanding edge markets


Edge networks serve billions of devices with low-latency services. You need feature rich routers that economically scale with bandwidth demand.The ASR 9000 series is your edge routing device capable of supporting the application performance required to power 5G service needs.

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Product compatibility • Cisco 7304 Router

• Cisco 7600 Series Routers

• Cisco 12000 Series Routers

• Cisco ASR 9000 Series Router

• Cisco XR 12000 Series Routers

Port density per SPA 2- and 4-port options
Physical Interface • 1.0/2.3 RF connector (75-ohm impedance)

• 1.0/2.3 RF to BNC adapter cable option

Protocols Serial encapsulations:


•  PPP, RFC 1662

•  Frame Relay, RFC 1490

Features and functions • Up to 4 independent T3 or E3 ports configurable as either all T3 or all E3 only

• Full-duplex connectivity at T3 rate (44.736 MHz) or E3 rate (34.368 MHz)

• Subrate and scrambling support of Quick Eagle Networks (formerly Digital Link), Larscom, ADC Kentrox,

Adtran, and Verilink DSUs

• Internal or network clock selectable per channel

• Line and payload loopback capabilities:

– Local and remote loopback at the T3 level

– Response to embedded loopback commands

– Insertion of loopback commands into transmitted signal

Bit-error-rate-testing (BERT) pattern generation and detection per channel

– Selectable pseudorandom pattern up to 32 bits long, including all 0’s, all 1’s, 215, 220, 220 QuasiRandom

Signal Sequence (QRSS), 223, alternating 0’s and 1’s

– 32-bit error-count and bit-count registers

– Fully independent transmit and receive sections

– Detection of test patterns with bit error rates up to 10-2

• 24-hour history maintained for error statistics and failure counts, at 15-minute intervals

• 16- and 32-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC); 16-bit default

T3-specific features C-bit or M23 framing

• Binary 3-zero substitution (B3ZS) line coding

• T3 far-end alarm and control (FEAC) channel support

• Compliant with T3 pulse mask per ANSI T1.102-1993

• Maintenance data link (MDL)

• Line build-out up to 450 feet (135 meters)

• Alarm monitoring

– Alarm indication signal (AIS)

– Loss of signal (LOS)

– Out of frame (OOF)

– Far-end receive failure (FERF)

• Performance data collection

– Line coding violation (LCV)

– Framing bit errors (F- or M-bit errors)

– P-bit error counts

– C-bit error counts

– Far-end block error (FEBE) counts

E3-specific features G.751, or G.832 and unframed G.703 framing

• High-density bipolar with three zeroes (HDB3) line coding

• Compliant with E3 pulse mask

• Software-configurable E3 national service bits

• Alarm monitoring

– Alarm indication signal (AIS)

– Loss of signal (LOS)

– Out of frame (OOF)

– Far-end receive failure (FERF)

• Performance data collection

– Line coding violation (LCV)

– Framing-pattern errors

– FEBE counts

Reliability and availability •  OIR

•  Single SPA software reset

MIBs RFC 2496 MIB (T3 MIB) and T1.231 MIB
Network management Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Physical specifications •  Weight: 0.75 lb (0.34 kg)

•  Height: 0.8 in. (2.03 cm) (single height)

•  Width: 6.75 in. (17.15 cm)

•  Depth: 7.28 in. (18.49 cm)

Power •  2-port: 7.7W maximum

•  4-port: 8.4W maximum

Compliance and agency approvals CE Marking


• UL 60950

• CSA 22.2 No.60950

• IEC 60950

• EN 60950

• AS/NZS 3260

• TS001


• CFR47 Part 15

• ICES 003

• EN55022

• CISPR 22

• AS/NZ 3548


• EN55024

• EN50082-1

• EN61000-6-1

Telecom (T3)

• ANSI T1 107

• T1 404

• AT&T 54014

Telecom (E3)

• G.703

• G.751

• G.832

Environmental specifications • Operating temperature: 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C)

• Storage temperature: –38 to 150°F (–40 to 70°C)

• Operating humidity: 5 to 85% relative humidity

• Storage humidity: 5 to 95% relative humidity


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