• The Cisco ASR 1000 Series Route Processors address the stringent route-processing requirements of carrier-grade IP and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) packet network infrastructures. They are the central control processors that run the network operating system, provide advanced routing capabilities, and also monitor and manage the other components of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Router.
  • This ASR1000-RP2 is similar with the ASR1000-RP2=.  The ASR1000-RP2= is a spare one.


Features and benefits

When it comes to connecting enterprise networks to cloud infrastructure, Cisco ASR 1000s are more than mere edge routers.

Application-centric SD-WAN

Security and integrity

Leading encryption performance, layered security services, and a tamper-resistant design help the Cisco ASR 1000 reduce your attack surface and secure edge traffic.

High performance and scale

Always-on architecture

A unique chipset architecture splits control and data-plane operations for improved performance, no matter how complex or crowded your edge. The Cisco ASR 1000 is built to scale.

Unified communications

Advanced silicon

Our latest ASIC technology in the Cisco ASR 1000 Series provides unparalleled edge performance, even when connectivity comes in large bursts.


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Sub Brands



Chassis supportCisco ASR 1004, ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1009-X and ASR 1013 chassis

(Note: The Cisco ASR 1002 and ASR 1002 Fixed chassis come with the Cisco ASR 1000 Series RP1 built into the chassis.)

(Note: Cisco ASR 1001, ASR 1001-X, and ASR 1002-X (part numbers ASR1001, ASR1001-X, ASR1002-X) have an integrated Route Processor built in to the chassis that is not upgradable)

Software compatibilityCisco IOS XE Software, which is based on Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2SR

(Please consult your Cisco account representative for additional details.)

Software protocolsRefer to Cisco IOS Software 12.2SR protocol support
Connectivity●  Console port (RJ-45 connector)

●  Auxiliary port (RJ-45 connector)

●  10/100/1000 Ethernet port (RJ-45 connector)

●  RJ-48 connector for BITS input clock and output source

Memory options●  Four 2-GB DDR2 mini-DIMMs

●  Four 4 GB DDR2 mini-DIMMs

●  Upgradable memory from 8-GB to 16-GB DRAM

Storage options●  80-GB HDD (hot-swappable)

●  1-GB USB Compact Flash memory

PerformanceWith 8-GB memory:

●  Up to 1,000,000 IPv4 routes or 1,000,000 IPv6 routes

●  BGP RR Scalability up to 8,000,000 IPv4 routes or 6,000,000 IPv6 routes

With 16-GB memory:

●  Up to 4,000,000 IPv4 routes or 4,000,000 IPv6 routes

●  BGP RR Scalability up to 24,000,000 IPv4 routes or 17,000,000 IPv6 routes

Reliability and availability●  1 + 1 redundancy in dual-route-processor configuration

●  Support for OIR

●  Support for NSF and SSO

●  Support for ISSU

MIBs●  RFC 2737 compliant
Network management●  Telnet and SSH (CLI)

●  Console port (through the CLI)


●  RFC 2665

LEDs●  PWR – Power

Green – All power rails are within specifications

●  STAT – Status

Green – Cisco IOS Software has booted

Yellow – BootROM has successfully loaded

Red – System failure or during boot process

●  ACTV- Active

Green – Active route processor

●  STBY – Standby

Yellow – Standby route processor

●  CRIT – Critical Alarm

Red – Critical alarm or during boot process

●  MAJ – Major Alarm

Red – Major alarm

●  MIN – Minor Alarm

Amber – Minor alarm

●  HD – Internal HDD

FLASH Green – Activity indicator

Off – No activity

●  USB – External Compact Flash

FLASH green – Activity indicator

●  BF – Boot Flash (Internal)

FLASH green – Activity indicator

Off – No activity



Off – Out of service or not configured

Green – Normal or Bridging

Amber – Fast

●  DTI Mode
Off – Warm-up, free-run, or holdover
Green – In service or working properly
Amber – Fault or loop condition

●  LINK – Management Ethernet link status
Solid green – Link with no activity
FLASH green – Link with activity
Off – No link

●  DISK2 – Internal HDD
FLASH green – Activity indicator
Off – No activity

●  CARRIER – BITS interface
Off – Out of service
Green – In frame and in service
Amber – Fault or loop condition

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)0.92 x 16.7 x 14.19 in. (0.02 x 0.428 x 0.36m)
Weight5.0 lb (2.3 kg)
Approvals and complianceSafety

●  UL60950-1 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-03 Information technology equipment

●  AS/NZS 60950-1

●  IEC/EN 60950-1 Information technology equipment

●  73/23/EEC

Electromagnetic Emissions Certification

●  CFR 47 Part 15: (FCC) Class A

●  ICES 003 Class A

●  AS/NZ CISPR 22: Class A

●  CISPR 22 (EN55022) Class A

●  VCCI Class A

●  KN22

●  IEC/EN 61000-3-2 (or 3-12 as applicable): AC Power Line Harmonics

●  IEC/EN 61000-3-3 (or 3-11 as applicable): AC Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker


●  IEC/EN-61000-4-2: Electrostatic Discharge Immunity (8-kV Contact, 15-kV Air)

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-3: Radiated Immunity (10 V/m)

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-4: Electrical Fast Transient Immunity (2-kV Power, 1-kV Signal)

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-5: Surge AC Port (4-kV CM, 2-kV DM)

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-5: Surge Signal Ports (1-kV indoor, 2-kV outdoor)

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-5: Surge DC Port 1-kV

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-6: Immunity to Conducted Disturbances (10Vrms)

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-8: Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity (30 A/m)

●  IEC/EN-61000-4-11: Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions, and Voltage Variations

Network Equipment Building Standards

The module meets the following NEBS:

●  GR-1089-CORE

●  GR-63-CORE

ETSI and EN Standards

●  EN300 386: Telecommunications Network Equipment (EMC), OTC

●  EN55022: Information Technology Equipment (Emissions)

●  EN55024: Information Technology Equipment (Immunity)

●  EN50082-1/EN-61000-6-1: 1995-Generic Immunity Standard

Environmental●  Storage temperature: -38 to 150°F (-40 to 70°C)

●  Operating temperature, nominal: 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C)

●  Operating temperature, short-term: 23 to 131°F (-5 to 55°C)

●  Storage relative humidity: 5 to 95% RH

●  Operating humidity, nominal: 5 to 85% RH

●  Operating humidity, short-term: 5 to 90% RH

●  Operating altitude: -60 to 4000m (up to 2000m conforms to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950 requirements)


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